5 Great Reasons to Download GeoFindIT

Posted: 04/06/2020 10:01:36

When you start googling for services and directions do you ever find you get totally side-tracked and click link after link only to forget what you went in to look for in the first place? Well that happens to us a lot which is part of the reason we developed our GeoFindIT app. Not only does this handy little app help you adhere to government restrictions in your 2km, 5km and soon to be 20km radius, it opens up a world of information on services and places that you didn’t even know were on your doorstep.

Yes, you can find much of this information of Google and Google maps, but we’ve made it all very neat and tidy and easy to find, with no distractions on GeoFindIT. The app has no ads, no sign in, no user password and no data exchanges of any kind. Search results can be seen on Street View, you can get directions and share your location with your people. If you’re still not convinced here’s 5 reasons you should download the GeoFindIT app and start using it straight away:

  1. It’s free

They say there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch and while that may be the case with many things, this app is free and it is very much worth the download. GeoFindIt is available in Android and iOS in seconds by visiting Google Play and the Apple App Store. It contains the most comprehensive, up to date location and address information in Ireland, perfect for anyone going places!
  1. Property market

One of the most popular features on the app relates to property. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, or you’re just a tiny bit nosey and curious, GeoFindIt can tell you how much houses in your desirable area sold for. By clicking on the house icon with a tag you can identify property prices instantly without spending time searching. And if you’re out and about you can hold your phone up with the app open and see how much houses directly in front of you sold for. If you’re keeping an eye on the property market this feature will make your life a whole lot easier.
  1. Transport

GeoFindIT has public transport covered. Live Luas, Irish Rail, Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus timetables are available along with Dublin Bikes information for city slickers who like to get a bit of exercise in while going from A to B. And while keeping on top of trends is a priority, the rising popularity of environmentalism has led GeoFindIT developers to identify electric charging points throughout the country. With staycations being the holiday of choice for summer 2020, what EV owner won’t appreciate this when planning their journey.
  1. Hangouts

Not sure what to do with your time? Before Covid-19 a large number of people used GeoFindIT to search their favourite hangouts such as shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, cafes and restaurants. Now with over 700 listed, parks are the number one most searched hangout, followed closely by golf clubs, tennis clubs and beaches! This activity on GeoFindIT would suggest we are leading more healthy lives in recent weeks. Silver lining and all that…
  1. Radius indicator

Let’s be honest, we are all ready to move on from the impact that Coronavirus brought. But most of us also want to play our part and abide by government guidelines and adhere to the 5km radius rule. GeoFindIT is the one, best way to do that. With a nifty little indicator button you can play your part, know your boundaries and keep yourself and others safe. And as soon as Leo gives us the nod, we’ll update this to a 20km radius indicator!
Going back to our first great reason to download GeoFindIT, pop over to the app store or google play and when you’ve test driven the app we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a review or drop us an email to info@geodirectory.ie. We always welcome your thoughts and suggestions so we can make our location app better and better.