Love Lockdown: 9 Ways to Celebrate Valentines During A Pandemic

Posted: 28/01/2021 09:00:00

In normal circumstances, celebrating Valentine’s Day can be relatively easy whether its organising a romantic meal in a restaurant, heading to the cinema to catch the latest film or simply getting away for a relaxing weekend. However, this year will be a little different. Celebrating Valentines during a lockdown can be tough, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still make it special. So why not surprise your loved one this year with something fun and romantic, and all within the guidelines, of course.
Ways to celebrate Valentines during lockdown

Here are some of the best ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this lockdown:

The Classics

  1. Make them breakfast in bed
I mean, who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Wake your loved one up with one of their favourite breakfasts whether its pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit and granola or a home-baked scone and tea (and don’t forget the jam and cream!). You can rest assured that surprising your Valentine with this thoughtful gesture will have them smiling from ear to ear, from morning through till night.
  1. Gift them flowers and chocolates
Flowers and chocolates… the staple of all Valentine’s gifts. The smell of fresh roses accompanied by an assortment of decadent chocolate always goes down a treat. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we think this can pretty much be said for a woman too. What better way to get brownie points this Valentine’s Day?

Here are some of our favourite Irish flower and chocolate brands that deliver throughout Ireland:

  1. Make something handmade
If you’re looking for a gift that’s creative, cheerful and cute, then make your loved one a handmade gift from the heart. Whether it’s a handcrafted love letter or scrapbook filled with all of your favourite photos, it’s the little things like this they will treasure forever. Gift this alongside some flowers or breakfast in bed, and it’ll be tough to out-do yourself the following Valentine’s Day!

Simple but Sweet

  1. Go for a romantic stroll
One of the simplest yet most romantic things you can do with your partner is spend some much needed time together by going for a romantic walk away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Why not make this a date with a difference and enjoy a picnic in your nearby park en-route? Download our free award-winning location app GeoFindIT to find the nearest parks and beaches within your radius here.
  1. Binge a Netflix series together
Grab your favourite pj’s and celebrate this Valentine’s Day snuggled up on the sofa with some Netflix, and of course snacks galore. This option is one of the more “chill” ones, but brings you and yours closer together in a more relaxed setting.

Although we know it may be hard to find a common ground on what to watch, so we’ve made it easy for you with our Top 7 Alternative Netflix Picks.
  1. Order your favourite takeaway
Don’t spend this Valentine’s Day stressed and under pressure to serve up a Michelin star quality meal for your loved one. Forget the fuss, sit back, relax and let your favourite takeaway do the cooking for you! If you’re having trouble deciding between a creamy Indian curry or a classic fish and chips, check out our blog on Ireland’s best takeaways to help you decide here.

And if you can’t see your loved one on this Valentine’s Day, why not organise a virtual date and enjoy the takeaway together from afar.

Outside the box

  1. Send your loved one a care package
For a gift idea that’s a little outside the box, but quite literally in a box – why not send your loved one a much-deserved self-care package this Valentine’s Day? From bath bombs to candles, Irish brands such as Boxable and Care Box Collection will create that special gift to help your other half relax and unwind in the comfort of their own home. Show them you care with some self-care!
  1. Make DIY cocktails
Considering this Valentine’s day there will be no cocktail tasting in a fancy bar, why not bring the cocktails home to you? Become a mixologist for the night and make a mean margarita or sweet strawberry daiquiri for your beloved with thanks to Irish brands such as Craft Cocktail and The Muff Liquor Company. And if you can’t meet your Valentine this year, enrol yourselves into a virtual cocktail making class with a pro. Happy hour, delivered. What’s not to love?
  1. Surprise them with the gift of a getaway
And last but not least, and maybe the best gift of all right now - the gift of a getaway. A weekend away is something we are all craving in the midst of a lockdown, dreaming of those Covid-free days where we could make merry wherever and whenever we please. So show that special someone how much they really mean by booking a relaxing break away or purchasing an Ireland’s Blue Book gift voucher as a promise of something to look forward to when we can travel again.

If you’re looking for some travel inspo, make sure to check out our blog on some of the best places to stay throughout Ireland.

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