Memory Lane: A throwback through the weird and wonderful streets of Ireland

Posted: 23/12/2020 10:05:30

This year, we took a trip down Memory Lane and visited a variety of iconic streets in Ireland. We wanted to inform and enthral you with all sorts of facts and insights into the well known streets we walk through on our daily beat.

Here is a little look into the paths well travelled throughout the past year...

1. Memory Lane: O'Connell Street Dublin

O'Connell StreetWe started off our Memory Lane series with the very street GeoDirectory are located - Lower O'Connell Street. O’Connell Street has long been regarded as Dublin City’s main thoroughfare. Over the years it has played host to horses, trams, fancy shops, a myriad of statues and was the centre point for an armed resurrection in 1916.

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2. Memory Lane: Grafton Street, Dublin

Grafton StreetOur next Memory Lane series saw us through the iconic shopping street in Dublin, Grafton Street. Long regarded as the ‘Dez Res’ of Dublin Streets with it’s fancy shops galore, Grafton Street Dublin, since 1708 it has been the place to be seen for those who wish to show off. Do you remember staring at the Christmas window in Switzer’s or been taken to Bewley’s for lunch by your Granny?

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3. Memory Lane: St. Patrick's Street, Cork

St Patricks Street Cork​For the third instalment of this series we moved away from the official capital city of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, and travelled down south to what some call the ‘REAL’ capital – Cork City and to what many regard as its prime street, St. Patrick's Street. This is a street that has been home to iconic entertainment and shopping venues and is the premier thoroughfare in Cork City.

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4. Memory Lane: Eyre Square, Galway

Eyre Square GalwayWithout a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on the island of Ireland has to be Galway City. At the heart of this "City of the Tribes" or "Culture Capital" is the fantastic Eyre Square.

From statues of famous writers and US Presidents to spellbinding festivals and fancy hotels - Eyre Square has seen it all.

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5. Memory Lane: Waterford City

Waterford CityFrom the arrival of the Vikings to it’s later expansion by the Norman’s and the creation of it’s world famous Crystal Factory, Waterford City, with it’s strategic location by the River Suir is bursting with history and tales to tell.

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6. Memory Lane: Letterkenny, Donegal

Donegal LetterkennyNext off we travelled further up north to Donegal. Many towns in Ireland sprung up due to the fact that an area was granted a licence to hold a market there. One town upon which this fact is truer than most is Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

From it’s beautiful Cathedral, the various museums and it’s picturesque town Park, Letterkenny is well worth a visit.

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7. Memory Lane: Main Street, Wexford Town

Wexford TownOur final Memory Lane installment this year saw us through the wonderful Wexford. Another town that owes it’s inception to the Vikings and later The Norman’s from it’s Norman Abbey built in 1190, to it’s world famous Opera House which every year hosts the renowed Wexford Opera Festival, this scenic town by the Irish Sea is another bursting with history.

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And that's all for this year folks! Stay tuned with us in the New Year for our next Memory Blog series where we will continue to travel down more of Ireland's weird and wonderful streets. Make sure to download our free location app GeoFindIT here next time your travelling down these streets!

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