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Posted: 16/12/2020 16:27:08

This Christmas is truly one like no other. During this time of year, we would normally be painting the town red but instead many are stuck in fact painting the garden shed. Instead of savouring five courses in a fancy restaurant, we are homebound eating snacks and watching Netflix series back to back.

Top Christmas Movies 2020
While it looks like the Covid crisis will be a once off Christmas event (touch wood), one thing that still remains a constant every December is the warm fuzzy feeling we get from watching a classic Christmas movie.

With this is mind, we in GeoDirectory would like to share with you our top 5 favourite Christmas movies to watch this holiday season.

1. Elf

Imagine waking up every morning, looking round you and realising that yes, it is NOT a dream; you have in fact been adopted by… SANTA’S ELVES! For many, watching this film is as much of a Christmas staple as singing Fairytale of New York or eating a whole tin of roses in one sitting.

Can Buddy the Elf save Christmas and ensure Santa DOES get to visit all the kids and give them their presents? If you are looking for a film that will have you grinning ear to ear from beginning to end, then this film is right up your tree.

2. Home Alone

Imagine waking up and realising the rest of the family has head off on holiday and forgetfully left you behind? While at first having the freedom to eat ice-cream galore and drinking the fridge dry of it’s stock of Chocolate Milk initially makes Kevin McAllister feel on top of the world, the feeling of loneliness and lack of human interaction soon brings him back down to earth.

Throw in the challenge of thwarting a house-robbing duo who make Basil Faulty seem like a true professional in comparison, this film is full of lots of thrills and actual spills. Will Kevin’s Mother make it back in time to open presents with Kevin on Christmas morning? Will the Wet Bandits manage to flush the McAllister house of all it’s valuables or can Kevin stop them? We guarantee You’ll Darlene Love this film and the soundtrack that comes with it.

3. Polar Express

If you’re a fan of animation movies who never tires of watching the likes of “An American Tail” or “Wall-E”, then Polar Express is a must watch for you. In this film a young boy who is beginning to doubt the whole meaning of Christmas is given a ticket to board a magical train that is headed for the North Pole.

Can the child, Hero Boy, be reacquainted with the magic of Christmas? We think you should station yourself on the sofa and partake in the magical journey and story that this film will transport you to over 200 minutes.

4. A Christmas Carol

Regarded by many as THE Christmas tale, this movie adaptation of the famous Dicken’s novel will transport you back in time to a bygone era of horse drawn carriages and quaint cobble stoned streets. The miserly Ebenezer Scrooge has a heart colder than a Rocky Mountain Beer, who pinches the pennies more than a child pinches sweets from his Grannies press on the sly.

Enter the Ghost of Jacob Marley and the ghouls of Christmas’s Past, Present and Future. Can they make Scrooge see the errors of his ways? Will tiny Tim and the rest of the family get to finally experience a Christmas day filled with cheer? What in the Dickens are you doing staring at this screen?  Go enjoy a classic Christmas Movie than simply should be seen!

And last but not least another film adjudged to be big favourite of the staff here in GeoDirectory...

5. Love Actually

Top of the Christmas rom-com tree, this film follows the various twists and turns of the relationships of eight couples, all whom are loosely related in one way or another. Featuring an all-star cast including Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley and Liam Neeson, this film weaves many of the problems and joys people face at Christmas into a wonderful film that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.  Add this to your Christmas must watch list and we promise you won't regret it.

As Andrew Lincoln's character, Mark, says in that heart wrenching carol singing scene, "Enough. Enough now"... you didn't think we could simply leave our five favourite Christmas movies there did you?

That should have meant a wrap for this blog, but in the process of picking the top 5 Christmas films there were another 5 that folks were adamant simply could not possibly be left out. So here is the 5 favourites that narrowly missed out on making the list above:

1. The Grinch

The town of Whoville must contain the most Christmassy and merrily persons to ever inhabit this earth, who together make their town the most magical place to be every festive season. However, one person who lives in a cave just outside the town takes Bah humbug to unprecedented heights.

The sights and sounds of Christmas are to the Grinch was Mohammed Salah scoring a Hat-Trick at old Trafford is to Man United fans. When he finds out the townsfolk plan to make festivities this Christmas THREE times bigger than last year, the Green eyed pot-bellied cat like creature plots to steal Christmas!

As the locals ponder as to Whodunnit in Whoville, will he succeed in his efforts or might the true message of Christmas delivered by a young girl change his mind?

2. The Santa Clause

Imagine hearing a noise on your roof at Christmas Eve, going to check it out, hearing a loud scream and suddenly realising you’ve just badly injured… SANTA CLAUS!

In this film the man who gave us Tooltime, is now ensuring we all get our presents at Christmas time. Much hilarity ensues as Scott Calvin is transported by the reindeer to the North Pole, to begin his training that will see him take over from the actual Santa. As feel-good films go, this one is quite the gift.

3. The Holiday

Another Christmas film with a blockbuster cast including Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black among others, this tale of two broken hearts that need mending will have the women in your life emptying the box of Kleenex in no time.

Two women, who due to issues related to a matter of the heart, who want to get as far away from where the live as is possible that Christmas, agree to do a house swap during the festive season. So while one woman makes her way to a fancy mansion Stateside, the other is headed to the idyll of a quaint cottage in the south of England.

For those who says you Can’t Surrey Love, or that you’ll never LA your romantic demons to rest, this film will definitely put their theories to the test!


4. Miracle on 34th Street

A child has been told by her cantankerous Mother since the time she was born that Santa is not real and Christmas is a load of nonsense. A chance encounter transforms the young girl into the truest of believers and she is determined to prove her doubting mother wrong in the process. When she hears that the person who she thinks is actually Santa Claus himself has been wrongfully sent away on false assault charges, she makes it her mission to free him from the Mental Hospital he was locked up in.

Can she save Christmas?  Will all the children get the presents they have wished for? This classic movie is up there with A Christmas Carol and Oliver as among the gold standard of Christmas films. 65 years after it first debuted in cinemas, it remains a firm fixture in TV schedules, as people never tire of this heart-warming story.


5. Die Hard

And to conclude, we feature a controversial entry (to put it mildly!) to the list. The question of “Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie” is on a par with other controversial topics such as “Is Pineapple on Pizza OK?” or “My girlfriend is demanding that I let her go to my cousins stag in Barcelona, should I?”.

This action packed film featuring Bruce Willis as the no-nonsense police officer John McClane, who visits his estranged wife and their daughter for Christmas. One thing leads to another and he soon, awkwardly, ends up attending her jobs’ Christmas party in a swanky New York Hotel. The jolly merriment is soon brought to a sudden halt after terrorists (led by Hans Gruber played the brilliant and sadly departed Alan Rickman) take over the hotel. With time running out for the Terrorists ransom demands to be met and the threat of innocent lives being lost looming larger, McClane realises the only person who can save them is himself…

So there you go folks, here is the Top 5 and not-so Top 5 favourite Christmas films as chosen by us here in GeoDirectory. We hope they bring a more ho-ho-homely feel to your house as you celebrate this “New Normal” Christmas of 2020.
If you agree with our Christmas movie list, you might be interested in our favourite Netflix picks here.
Have a very merry Christmas everyone.

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