SIRO are a new player in the broadband market who aim to provide fibre broadband to the Irish market. See how they have used GeoDirectory to do this. MORE INFO


The supermarket giant, Tesco, is rapidly growing its sales across Ireland using the unique power of the GeoDirectory database. MORE INFO

My Plan uses GeoDirectory The Irish Government’s Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government website,, is the national resource for those seeking free open data sets regarding planning information both locally and nationally. MORE INFO

Vivas Health

Vivas Health is one of Ireland’s leading health insurers with over 100,000 customers across the Republic of Ireland. It’s a rapidly growing company and now offers access to 122 hospitals and treatment centres. MORE INFO

The Property Registration Authority

Have you ever wondered about the history of the land you live on? Or considered buying a plot of land, perhaps to build a house on? Or wanted to find out more detail about a local landmark? The first place you’d be likely to turn to would be the Property Registration Authority. MORE INFO

The Central Statistics Office

The CSO, which provides the State with its figures relating to population and population change, has used GeoDirectory for the last three censuses. Gerry Walker, Census Senior Statistician with the CSO, says that using GeoDirectory data, along with GIS technology, achieved a more accurate census result, using just half the mapping staff of previous censuses MORE INFO

Bord Gáis

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and one of the key business uses that Bord Gáis Networks has for GeoDirectory is in identifying new potential customers and also categorising those potential customers by type. MORE INFO

Domino's Pizza

But setting up an online delivery service capable of delivering fast food to customers is a complex operation. It requires human resources. It also requires a system of storing millions of pieces of accurate information which can be sorted and retrieved in a micro-second. MORE INFO had already emerged as one of the dazzling new lights of Ireland’s online revolution. Founded in 1997 by two brothers who were still in their teens and early twenties, the website had begun to transform the way people bought and rented houses in Ireland. MORE INFO

ESB Networks

GeoDirectory helped ESB Networks to embark on a detailed customer referencing project. This extensive project covered 1.9 million households and businesses throughout the Republic of Ireland. MORE INFO

Ireland’s Emergency Services

GeoDirectory is used by Ireland’s emergency services to respond rapidly to 999 calls. When you’re dealing with emergencies, a few minutes delay can be fatal. You need to know exactly where you’re going – and the fastest route to get there. MORE INFO

11890 Directory Inquiries

Phone any ‘ordinary’ directory service and they’ll send you a phone number. Phone 11890 and they’ll send you the number along with detailed directions and a map to the restaurant, hotel, shop or post office that you’ve requested. MORE INFO


By combining custom-built GIS software with GeoDirectory’s electronic register of unique addresses and precise locations, Aviva was able to systematically analyse claims patterns. And by overlaying other data, it was able to discover relationships and patterns that would have remained hidden using more - traditional analysis techniques. MORE INFO

The Cork Taxi Co-op

Sometimes customers are impressed that even before they’ve finished telling us the full address, we know the name of the house, for example, or other details that we’ve discovered instantly from the GeoDirectory database. MORE INFO

Waterford City Council

Crucially, by optimising the routes using GeoDirectory, the council was able to reduce the number of bin lorries on the road from three to two – a 33 per cent reduction. This in turn meant significant savings on fuel and other running costs. MORE INFO