Capture addresses in a standardised format

GeoDirectory gives each property a standardised 8 digit postal code. It classifies each building as being either residential or commercial. Each building is located to within a metre with pinpoint accuracy. GeoDirectory also gives further breakdowns of information such as townlands, electoral and county divisions. For a full explanation of how GeoDirectory works please see our technical manual. MORE INFO

Cut out duplication and waste

Accurate data cuts down on paper, prevents unnecessary duplication and reduces postal spending. With GeoDirectory it’s easy to verify your customer records and keep your address directory bang up-to-date, allowing your accounts, logistics and marketing departments to operate more efficiently. MORE INFO

Discover new areas to open business

The only comprehensive database of its kind, GeoDirectory offers advance details of future building developments. With this cutting-edge intelligence, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. MORE INFO

Target new customers

Using geocodes supplied by GeoDirectory, in conjunction with mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, individual buildings can be visually depicted on a map of Ireland. MORE INFO

Clean up your address database

GeoDirectory comprises an electronic register of 1.86 million buildings and two million address points, each pinpointed to an exact spot on the map. In addition to residential addresses, GeoDirectory provides 196,000 business addresses and locations. It will streamline your logistics, and keep your records accurate. MORE INFO

Develop sophisticated analytical tools

Opportunities for analysis are endless with GeoDirectory. For example, when used in conjunction with other available data, GeoDirectory can help you analyse which buildings are most vulnerable to flood or fire, and which localities have high or low crime rates. You can also effectively target marketing campaigns on specific groups. MORE INFO

Speed up your distribution networks

For some businesses, getting from A to B rapidly is of paramount importance. If you are in transport or logistics, GeoDirectory could help you speed things up, cut fuel costs and impress your customers. If you are involved in distribution, this unique Irish address directory can make sure you deliver the goods fast. MORE INFO