What GeoBusiness can do for you

A common problem in modern business is maintaining contact databases. Indeed, as areas evolve and businesses constantly change addresses, expand, contract, begin and end, you might not even know that you have an incomplete database.

GeoBusiness is a smart, comprehensive database of Ireland’s businesses that’s collated with data from An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland. No other business database in the country is as complete and meticulously maintained.

How it works

Key benefits of GeoBusiness include:

  • Comprehensive address details of every business in the Republic of Ireland
  • A database that works in tandem with yours
  • Automatic quarterly updates
  • Precise, timely addresses for existing and potential customers, as well as competitors
  • Eircodes can be appended to each address

The right data is essential for revenue growth, but we appreciate that gathering and especially maintaining and updating that information can be costly and time consuming.

Put in to action

Take for example, a charity involved in quarterly fundraising. Previous corporate donors might have changed address or their contact details or even relocated abroad. Maintaining an up to date database consumes time and effort (and frequently slips through the net in today’s increasingly busy workplace).

With GeoBusiness, this charity can have a smart product that works in tandem with their own database, cleaning up existing records, maintaining an accurate and reliable database of existing and previous donors in a standardised format and identifying other potential donors and charities.

GeoBusiness offers tangible benefits to more than just charities. This product is hugely beneficial to any business, especially those that need to contact clients at specific times of year such as; IT and telecoms companies, wholesalers, utility companies, or any business that offers new seasonal products (from tech to fashion).

GeoBusiness makes all communication easier, whether it’s rewards and offers for customers, sending newsletters or keeping in touch with suppliers and competitors.

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The Database Explained

The GeoBusiness Database is a comprehensive and accurate record of all non-residential property in the State. It contains an all-inclusive register of precise business addresses, updated quarterly and an eight-digit code for every business and non-commercial organisation in the Republic of Ireland.


If you are interested in finding out more information about GeoBusiness, please contact us today.