What GeoBusiness Locator can do for You

In this increasingly digital age, it’s easy to forget that businesses still use physical addresses, with their own phone numbers, employees, utilities and deliveries. With GeoBusiness Locator, you can find what you are looking for whenever you want, with an unrivaled, smart and exhaustive mine of information.

GeoBusiness Locator equips you with a complete commercial and geographical database covering over 196,000 businesses across the Republic of Ireland. GeoBusiness Locator comprises an electronic register of every business address in the State, each pinned down to an exact geographical location. 

How it works

Key benefits of GeoBusiness Locator include…

  • A unique address for every business and non-commercial organisation in the State
  • Precise GPS co-ordinates which specify the location of each business to within one metre
  • An Eircode can be appended for each business address
  • 1000’s Business phone numbers and email addresses for the Republic of Ireland
  • Quarterly updated information on changes to business addresses and locations

Access to a smart, comprehensive, precise and frequently updated business location database will bring numerous advantages to business and revenue growth.

Put in to action…

Using an example of a logistics company, this company can use GeoBusiness Locator for up-to-date, efficient locations of delivery points, but that’s just the beginning.

With GeoBusiness Locator, they can pinpoint precise locations of every relevant address in the Republic of Ireland, with the best routes to match. A driver with a half-full truck approaching a town could use GeoBusiness Locator on the move to pinpoint other nearby locations to deliver to.

The driver’s manager using GeoBusiness Locator has more efficiently planned routes, making much better use of valuable commodities like vehicles, fuel, time and manpower.

If this logistics company were expanding, GeoBusiness Locator could also be used to identify prime business locations, establishing smart directories of local or national information (such as proximity to potential customers, complimentary businesses or competitors).

The company could also use GeoBusiness Locator to augment their website with a precise store locator powered by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland.

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A business analysis tool
GeoBusiness Locator can help you make better use of your existing data. In tandem with your own customer information, it will collate complex business data in a visual, easy-to-understand format. And, by allowing you to identify the location of relevant businesses, you can work out your own share of the market in each geographic area and assess the opportunities available.

GeoBusiness Locator is of immense, tangible benefit to any business in modern Ireland; helping maintain vital, timely information - better equipping sales, marketing and delivery teams; and vastly improving the quality and quantity of customer data.

Eircodes is the branded name given to Postcodes in Ireland. Eircodes are included in our GeoBusiness Locator product. GeoDirectory is the source for Eircodes and Eircodes were devised, created and are maintained using GeoDirectory’s vast database which combines data acquired from An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland. The codes are individual, seven-character postcodes assigned to every residential or business building in the country.

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