What GeoAddress can do for You

Maintaining accurate addresses in business is both vital and challenging. What you need is a full database of all relevant addresses, refined using the manpower and resources of An Post with the cutting edge location technology of Ordnance Survey Ireland.

GeoAddress includes details of 1.9 million buildings and 2.2 million address points. And just to ensure that there is no room for confusion, each address is assigned a unique eight-digit address code. 

With GeoAddress, communications run more smoothly, potential and existing clients are easier to find, your existing database is more efficient and transport is better organised.

How it works

Key benefits of GeoAddress include;

  • The country’s most comprehensive address database
  • Automated, quarterly updates of all information
  • A database that works in tandem with your own contacts list
  • Eircodes can be appended to each address

Knowing precise, timely details of every relevant address in the country will benefit your business in many ways.

Put in to action...

Using an example of a company that’s ramping up their marketing and PR, GeoAddress enables this company to communicate with existing and potential customers with more efficiency and accuracy.

With GeoAddress, this company enjoys speedier, more efficient deliveries (whether it’s marketing material, correspondence or corporate gifts) and more streamlined travel routes for publicists and sales reps.

This company now has reduced  literature or post sent to the wrong address. Its databases of customer records and address directories will be up-to-date, allowing its accounts, sales and marketing departments to operate more efficiently.

And, because GeoDirectory has standardised, updated addresses, it can easily update your customer contact details automatically.

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Unique and comprehensive

Thanks to the resources of both An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland, GeoAddress is a unique, high-end and unrivalled service that gives businesses access to vital information.

If you are interested in finding out more information about GeoAddress, please contact us.