What GeoAddress Locator can do for you

The only constant in business is change. Change happens every single day, as businesses expand and contract, customers change addresses, and premises and residences are built, closed for renovations, re-opened and relocated.

How can you keep track of all customers and competitors (potential and existing) in such a changeable environment?

GeoDirectory can do that for you. It keeps track of every single one of these changes, every day, and releases a comprehensive, quarterly report on all of them. Just about every brick and ounce of mortar passes through our database – a database that can work in tandem with your existing customer information.

GeoDirectory is backed by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) – unrivalled sources of location information in Ireland. Our updates, available to licensees every quarter, provide every change to the 2.2 million addresses on our database.

How it Works

Key benefits of GeoAddress Locator include:

  • Accuracy. You can be confident that addresses are as up-to-date as possible since data is revised each quarter.
  • Business names & activities. Get a current listing of both the name of companies at each address and the nature of their business.
  • Precise locations. Location and X, Y coordinates precisely identify the exact location of all addresses.

Accurate potential and existing customer knowledge is essential for giving quality service and for competing with other businesses.

For instance, Bord Gáis Networks used GeoAddress Locator to make their service more efficient by identifying and categorising potential new customers across the Republic of Ireland.

Bord Gáis Networks GIS Manager, Paul Ahern, says: “We now map all areas across the country where we have gas infrastructure and by using GeoDirectory as our corporate address database, we can model existing gas customers [in our database] with a blue flame, and model non-customers as a red dot. Our sales teams access this invaluable data through mobile field applications and customised reports derived from the GeoDirectory dataset. They find it to be an invaluable tool.”

This means better data for sales staff, no time wasted calling to existing customers, no dead ends to empty locations, and sales teams only making relevant journeys and calls.

Accurate to the last Metre

GeoAddress Locator provides a unique address for every building and 1000’s of phone numbers for businesses in the Republic of Ireland and allocates every building with its own fingerprint - a unique building ID. Our precise geocodes will specify the location of each address to within one metre.

Eircodes is the branded name given to Postcodes in Ireland. GeoDirectory is the source for Eircodes and Eircodes were devised, created and are maintained using GeoDirectory’s vast database which combines data acquired from An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland. The codes are individual, seven-character postcodes assigned to every residential or business building in the country.

If you currently have GeoAddress Locator and want to receive Eircodes please contact us today on 01 705 7005.

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